3/6 - 6:30 pm - This Spud’s for You (CH)

 5/1 - 6:30 pm - Cinco de Mayo (CH)

5/29 - 9:00 am - Memorial Day Breakfast (PAV)

 7/3 - 6:30 pm - BBQ (PAV) & Golf Cart Parade

 9/4 - 6:30 pm - Labor Day Fish Fry (PAV)

11/6 - 6:30 pm - Thanksgiving Dinner (CH)

12/4 - 6:00 pm - Santa Crawl


2021 Special Events

GBC Standing Rules pertaining to Facility Use

     Permission to use Pavilion for private parties must first be approved by Park Chairman. Members may reserve Clubhouse or Pavilion for private functions. Fee for exclusive us of the Clubhouse or Pavilion is a daily fee established by the Board of Directors.
      -   Members are responsible for scheduling the facility using the calendar provided in the Clubhouse.  Members are responsible for paying the fees to the Club Treasurer (honor system).
      -   Paper goods and supplies stored in the Clubhouse or Pavilion are Club property and not to be used by Members or guests for private parties.
      -   Members who make the reservation are responsible for cleaning the facility and emptying the trash following use and will be charged an additional fee for the cost of cleaning if facility is not cleaned.
      -   Chairs, tables, dishes, utensils, and appliances are not to be removed from the Clubhouse or Pavilion, except for Club-sponsored events.

     -   No parking of cars or driving on the grass in the park area near Pavilion, except at Club-approved functions.  Temporary parking of cars and boat trailers is permitted south of the south entrance to the Pavilion and on grass islands at the boat ramp area.  Boat and other trailers shall be parked in designated areas only.
      -  The trailer/RV parking site is provided by the Club for temporary use of Non-dwelling Members and guests of regular Members. Non-dwelling Members without assignment of a lot within the Club may use trailer space at the designated area at no charge. Use of parking space is limited to no more then seven (7) days, unless approved by the Park Chairman. Members will be charged a daily fee established by the Board of Directors for their guests to use hook-ups. Members are responsible for scheduling the use of the facility using the calendar in the Clubhouse.

Reservation Fees (payable to Treasurer within 7 days of use)

Clubhouse & Pavilion - $25/day ($40 if left unclean)
      RV Park - $13/day per slip

Comments & Facility Reservations

  The club’s auto reservation service has been discontinued by the software manufacturer and is no longer available.


  To reserve the CH, PAV, or RV slips, send a message to the club secretary with the following details:


(1)  date(s) needed

(2)  facility name (CH, PAV or RV1,2,3)

(3)  your contact info (email)

(4)  has reservation been posted on CH       calendar (yes/no)


Send your email to